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My photographic passion extends over a period from 1976 to 1988 mainly.
This very
personal course is a weft made of staged portraits, moments of carnival or performances, which obsessively grab the attention.
Several topics
, including: "Little girls", where every moment staged or spontaneous aims to capture a moment of reality, making it "extraordinary" - in a kind of quasi-magical stillness.

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My Little Girls photographs by Beatrix Agius

Then came the photographic moment of "Venice Carnival" (1984 & 1988) - Venice, as a double mirror - I-You see me ... - Unsilvered glass of time - Shards, captured looks, emerging as moments of eternity ... Venice, you plant your fangs into my tender flesh, and your stilts over the dreaming waters ... Throbbing beat of the crowds, idle time where I photograph looks, them again and again!
There with my little pocket Nikon, I tell my picture stories carved on the evening screens.

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Venice Carnival photographs by Beatrix Agius

Another topic: my photos of atmospheres, internal or external. These captured moments are based on my inner landscape of the moment ... Stories of self reflections and fleeting emotions, told through external images that become mine ...
These "captured moods" are at the moment my photographic priority...
Like my other pictures, these are never retouched, altered or cropped..

Indoor atmospheres:

Indoor moods and atmospheres by Beatrix Agius

Outdoor atmospheres:

Outdoor moods and atmospheres by Beatrix Agius

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